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Aluminum Rivets With Various Dimensions

Aluminum rivet: in riveting, the use of it is own deformation or interference connection riveted parts. The utility model relates to a rod-shaped part with a cap at one end made of metal, which is threaded into the connected component and then punched and pressed out the other end at the outer end of the rod to tighten and fix the component.

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Classification and use:

1. The round head rivet is mainly used for riveting with large transverse load.

2. Flat cone head rivet due to the large head, corrosion resistance, often used for hull, boiler water tank and other strong corrosion resistant riveting occasions.

3.Flat head, flat round head rivet is mainly used for metal sheet or leather, canvas, wood and other non-metallic materials riveting occasions.

4. Large flat head rivet is mainly used for non - metallic material riveting occasions.


ITEM: Aluminum rivets with various dimensions

MATERIAL: Aluminum/ Al alloy

HS CODE OF RIVET: 7616100000

COLOR: Usually silver, other color is also ok.

It usually cooperate with automotive aluminum rivet gun.

Hollow aluminum rivet is also the most common rivets that people use.


Optional Types:





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