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How to deal with the bakelite scrap ?
Jan 09, 2019

Recently,More convenient, more expensive and pollution-free, there is a new place for leftover scrap from manufacturers.Hubei processing trade leftover material trading platform has been launched on hubei e-port platform, and successfully traded the first order.

Hubei province commerce hall relevant responsible person introduces, hubei province has more than 16 thousand industrial enterprises of dimensions above, produce every year such as iron and steel, copper, aluminous, rubber, plastic or Bakelite to waiting for leftover material value to amount to 50 billion yuan.But for a long time, the disposal of these leftover materials has been faced with difficulties. Most of them are taken away by  informal buyers, without invoices, price lower and may cause environmental pollution due to improper handling.

According to the introduction, after the launch of the processing trade scrap trading platform, processing enterprises and qualified recycling enterprises have direct access to the channel, open bidding, invoicing, trading behavior open, fair and efficient.

Experts said that industrial scrap recycling, is also an important measure to promote the development of circular economy.

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