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Kitchen Utensils Six bogey
Nov 09, 2018

First, avoid iron pot boiled green beans. Green beans contain tannins, in high temperature conditions will produce black Tanningtie, so that green bean soup black, there is a special smell, not only affect appetite, taste, but also harmful to the human body.

Second, bogey stainless steel or iron pot to boil Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances, especially under heating conditions, will have a variety of chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron, or make the drug failure, or even produce a certain toxicity (when there are more complexes).

Third, avoid using aluminum pot to serve dishes. Aluminum pot belongs to the elimination of kitchenware. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, in the event of weak alkali, weak acid, salt and other substances will undergo chemical reactions, the formation of special compounds, so dishes, wine, msg and so on should not be installed in aluminum containers overnight. There are also eggs should not be stirred in the aluminum pan, because egg whites encounter aluminum will become grayish white, egg yolk into green. Leftovers, leftover soups and so on should not be spent overnight in aluminium containers.

Four, avoid using Uber wood or smelly wood to make a vegetable board. Ubam contains odors and toxic substances, using it to make the flavor of the dish not only pollute the dishes, but also easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. Therefore, the folk production of vegetable Board of the preferred wood is white fruit, saponin wood, birch and willow and so on.

Five, bogey with paint or carving engraved the bamboo chopsticks of the router. Paint coated on chopsticks not only contains lead, benzene and other chemical substances, harmful to health, and after the heat has odor, affecting appetite. Carved bamboo chopsticks appears to be beautiful, because of its filth, not easy to clean, breeding bacteria, easy to cause disease.

Six, avoid the use of various types of color porcelain to serve seasoning. The seasoning is best dressed in glassware. Benzene and other pathogenic, color porcelain containing lead, carcinogenic substances. With the aging and decay of colored porcelain, the "radon" in the pattern pigment produces pollution to food, which is harmful to human body.

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