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Low carbon life, starting with the use of silicone rubber products
Nov 09, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy and the impact of the international economy, the development of the industry can not be separated from the development of the country, the development of silicone rubber products has also been greatly improved, from the silicone rubber products industry alone, China's silicone industry has also been rapid development.

In particular, the development of silicone rubber products, simply can not stop, what causes silicone rubber development so rapid, is the characteristics of silicone rubber products, is the use of this material or production technology improvement, in view of the characteristics of silicone rubber products, the following let's introduce them all have those good advantages. Silicone materials have excellent properties and long service life, and are in line with the core idea of today's "low carbon economy". Low carbon life, starting from the use of silicone rubber products, silicone rubber is the largest production of silicone products, the most widely used category of products. After the 90 's, the variety of silicone rubber began to diversified development, silicone rubber products are in recent years the development of a relatively fast, high grade of a class of rubber and plastic products, has become a hot spot in the rubber industry.

Now silicone rubber products have been slowly integrated into every corner of our lives, whether in the molding process, follow-up operations, the scope of use and other aspects have a great advantage. Due to its excellent performance, the material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, rich in resources, it is widely used in automobiles, electronic power, health care, daily necessities and other fields. With the continuous improvement of rubber products, silicone rubber products are also constantly improving the production process, research its unique performance, towards a new, high-performance, diversified, multi-functional direction of development, so that it has a broader application prospects, in order to promote the development of silicone rubber industrial processing technology in China, After Ningbo Jie PU Rubber Co., Ltd. will continue to introduce a variety of silicone rubber products characteristics and new discoveries, will also bring you a variety of new product introduction. Let the truly green products into every family.

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