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Silicone glass cover Open mold precautions
Nov 09, 2018

Silicone Glass Gaikaimo is a very important work, it will affect the quality of your products, affect your efficiency of the important factors. We do silicone glass Gaikaimo when you should pay attention to, mold designers are very important, they design the mold every detail will affect the efficiency of our production line, so we mold designers design silicone glass cover mold must be careful, a lot of consideration of the production line of work product quality, efficiency issues.

There is our production line of frontline personnel, open mold, mold edge of the gap, must not have leakage seam and other phenomena. Silicone Glass Gaikaimo should also pay attention to the temperature, too high, too low temperature will greatly affect the quality of the product. There is the mold material problem, good material to make a better mold, and good mold so that our silicone glass cover quality has been greatly improved.

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