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Export Of EU Plastic Meal Kitchenware New Rules Introduced
Nov 09, 2018

The European Commission issued Regulation No. 202/NO. 2014 amending Regulation 10/2011 on food contact with plastic materials and products, including the addition of 2 new monomers that can be used in the manufacture of food contact materials, making it clear that the specific migration limit for dicyanamide monomer is 60mg/kg,

The limitation of the original substance 1,3-benzene dimethylamine is changed from a separate migration limit to a common limit of two methyl isocyanate between the new substance, the total amount of specific migrations is 0.05mg/kg, and the restriction instructions are updated.

The regulation will take effect 20 days after its issuance and set up a buffer period for food that enters the EU market legally prior to March 24, 2014, and can continue to be on the market until March 24, 2015, even if it does not comply with the regulatory requirements, until the inventory is sold. To this end, the inspection and Quarantine department reminds the relevant export meal kitchenware enterprises to pay close attention to the European Union 202/NO. 2014 regulations and other relevant information, early response measures, strict control of product quality, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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