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How To Make Cookware Handles
Nov 09, 2018

Current kitchen utensils, especially cooking utensils such as spoons, shovels, spoonful and other major aluminum products, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many families have gradually adopted stainless steel products. In order for people to hold cooking utensils, a handle is fixed on the cooker. But now the handle of the cooker is mostly fixed on the cooker an insulated rubber, which can play an insulating effect, but it is not beautiful enough. Therefore, in order to make the cooking utensils as a whole appear elegant, cooking utensils are mostly made of metal materials, but because the metal handle of the handle body is smooth, so that when holding the handle, the friction between the hand and the handle is relatively small, especially in cooking greasy food, the handle is easy to dip oil, resulting in a missed slip grip handle situation.

At the same time, the metal itself heat transfer effect is obvious, cooking utensils after cooking for a period of time, the temperature of the handle will be greatly increased, so that the handle becomes hot and can not grip. Invention content The purpose of the utility model is to solve the above problems in the existing cooker handle, and outline a cooker handle with simple structure, convenient use and slow heat transfer speed. The purpose of the utility model can be to realize a cooking cooker handle, including a strip handle body, which is characterized in that the handle body is composed of a connecting joint and a cylindrical handle body woven by a wire, and one end of the handle body is connected with the connecting head, and the handle body is fixed with an elastic corrugated tube.

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