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What Are The Advantages Of Zinc Alloy Handles?
Nov 09, 2018

Low temperature environmental protection zinc alloy also has its advantages:

1. Fine and uniform, the production of the product surface smooth and bright, no trachoma, white and oil, suitable for the requirements of large glossy products.

2. Good fluidity, less oxides (less slag), easy to polish, fast cooling.

3. Lead-free, cadmium-free nickel, in line with European and American environmental standards, will gradually replace the traditional lead-tin alloys, cadmium alloys affecting human health, especially in Europe and the US market ban will accelerate this progress.

4. Light weight, than lead tin alloy 3# material are about 50% lighter, than zinc alloy light 10%.

5. The difference with zinc alloy is toughness, no trachoma, low melting point, light weight.

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