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What Is A Removable Cooker Handle?
Nov 09, 2018

This technology provides a detachable cooker handle, which belongs to the technical field of household goods. It solves the problem of the existing cooker handle connection firmly bad, disassembly trouble, inconvenient to use. The removable cooker handle, including a strip handle body and a handle seat arranged at one end of the handle body, is provided with a strip limit and a projectile in the direction of the Axis line of the handle body.

The outer end of the limiting part extends the end surface of the handle body under the action of the projectile, and the handle seat is provided with a groove matching the outer stimulators are of the limiting part, and the handle body is arranged on the handle seat, and between the handle body and the handle seat, the handle body and the handle seat are formed to form the axial fixed card connection mechanism, And when the handle body is positioned axially with the handle, the above limiting parts are inserted into the groove to form a circumferential position. The removable cooker handle of this technique has a circumferential or axial mechanism, which is simple in structure, fast and firm in connection, and easy to use.

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