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  • Replacement Bakelite Pot Handle

    Wooden finish:
    This wooden like finish is a new trend for recent years. The theory is use water transfer film covered on the handle. With this wooden look, it makes the cookware more close...

  • Bakelite Cooker Long Handle

    1. Soft touch coating: It is named by it is grip feeling, soft and comfortable. With mat surface, it also have the good merits of stable and long service life. 2. Wooden finish: This wooden like...

  • Glass Wok Lid

    Item: Glass wok lid Size: 14;16...36cm,various sizes available Material: float glass ( Thickness : 3mm to 5mm ) Rim: S.S with shiny or sand polishing Color of glass: clear or brown.

  • Aluminum Heat Resistant Flame Guard

    -MATERIAL: High quality aluminum alloy material, strong and durable in use, light and anti-corrosion, long life. -EASY TO CLEAN: Easy to clean by hand, just wipe with wet cloth is OK. -OPTIONAL...

  • Bakelite Knob for Glass Lid

    1. Good molding performance, but shrinkage and directivity are generally larger than amino plastics, and contain volatile water. Preheating should be done before molding, exhaust should be...

  • Silicone Pinch Mitts

    MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY – this safety gloves can be used in household for cooking, baking, grilling, pot-holding, dish washing, house cleaning or even gardening! No staining or smell, even after...

  • Aluminum Kettle Spout

    KETTLE SPOUT: for 18-20CM kettle
    KETTTLE SPOUT: for 22-24CM kettle
    KETTLE SPOUT: for 26CM kettle

  • Phenolic Pot Handle

    Universal pot handle anti-hot, single hole double hole accessories bakelite handle induction cooker accessories.

  • Bakelite Wok Replacement Handle

    Handle of wok fittings high temperature resistant anti-hot bakelite handle, universal frying pan thickened bakelite handle.

  • T Type Round Silicone Glass Lid

    T type round silicone glass lid Flat bottom cover household silicone cover tempered glass lid skillet smart pot cover. The saucepan knobs are securely attached to the lid Save space in the...

  • Milk Pot Bakelite Side Handle

    Mounting: through bore, fix with screw Comfort grip reinforced handle. Suitable for the old-fashioned milk pan, also as a set with bakelite knob. Resistant of temperature about 150 degree...

  • No Ring Type Tempered Glass

    Item: No ring type tempered glass Glass: Normal/High Flat/ Super High dome Logo: as requested. Color: transparent

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