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Cookware Handles

  • Bakelite Cooker Long Handle

    1. Soft touch coating: It is named by it is grip feeling, soft and comfortable. With mat surface, it also have the good merits of stable and long service life. 2. Wooden finish: This wooden like...

  • Replacement Bakelite Pot Handle

    Wooden finish:
    This wooden like finish is a new trend for recent years. The theory is use water transfer film covered on the handle. With this wooden look, it makes the cookware more close...

  • Bakelite Knob for Glass Lid

    1. Good molding performance, but shrinkage and directivity are generally larger than amino plastics, and contain volatile water. Preheating should be done before molding, exhaust should be...

  • Phenolic Pot Handle

    Universal pot handle anti-hot, single hole double hole accessories bakelite handle induction cooker accessories.

  • Bakelite Wok Replacement Handle

    Handle of wok fittings high temperature resistant anti-hot bakelite handle, universal frying pan thickened bakelite handle.

  • Stainless Steel Aroma Knob

    What is it? The knob can hold oil or other liquid and has a small hole allowing the seasoning to slowly drip into the pan to coat and enhance the flavors of the food. It is a traditional and...

  • Cookware Wooden Long Handle

    Finish of cookware wooden long handle :
    With transparent coating, to protect handle been damaged by worms. Also make the surface of handle smooth, feels more comfortable. This wooden handle...

  • Universal Bakelite Handle Accessory

    universal bakelite handle accessory: Bakelite handle with insulation, friction resistance, no hand injury, strong hardness, no pollution, corrosion resistance and other properties, with bright...

  • Bakelite Handle In Cookware Parts

    Features: Item: bakelite handle in cookware parts Weight: 80-100g Material: bakelite/plastic

  • Heat Resistant Bakelite Pot Handle

    Item: Heat resistant bakelite pot handle Category: cookware parts Sort: Side handle and knob Usage: cooking pots & pans Weight: 50-80g

  • Dismountable Handle For Different Saucepans

    Bakelite structure, and maximum life time. Removable and replaceable for all pans with same rim. Ergonomical handle for super comfortable user experience. Locking the handle insert, with...

  • Cookware Bakelite Long Handles

    Why you choose us? Tips for replacing the handle: The most common problem is that the handle doesn't fit. In fact, it does. The key is to line up the screw to the hole. Since most people end...

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